Can You Buy Bagels At Montreal Airport

Can You Buy Bagels at Montreal Airport?

Montreal, the vibrant city known for its rich culture and culinary delights, attracts millions of visitors each year. And if you’re one of those visitors, you might be wondering if you can satisfy your bagel cravings at the Montreal airport. After all, Montreal bagels are renowned for their unique taste and texture. In this article, we will explore whether you can buy bagels at the Montreal airport, provide background information, relevant data, and perspectives from experts, and share our own insights and analysis.

Much to the delight of bagel enthusiasts, the Montreal airport offers several options for purchasing these circular delights. One of the most popular choices is St-Viateur Bagel, a Montreal institution that has been serving up delicious bagels since 1957. St-Viateur Bagel has a kiosk conveniently located in the international departures area of the airport, allowing travelers to grab a fresh, hot bagel before they take off.

But St-Viateur Bagel is not the only option available. Another well-known Montreal bakery, Fairmount Bagel, also has a presence at the airport. Fairmount Bagel is famous for its wood-fired bagels, which are hand-rolled and baked to perfection. The bakery’s airport location ensures that passengers have the opportunity to experience authentic Montreal bagels even if they are short on time.

Now that we know where to find bagels at the Montreal airport, let’s dig into the background of these delectable treats. Montreal bagels are distinct from their New York counterparts in several ways. Firstly, they are smaller and denser, with a larger hole in the middle. The dough is sweetened with honey and boiled in water with honey as well, giving it a slightly sweeter taste. After boiling, the bagels are baked in a wood-fired oven, resulting in a crispy exterior and a chewy interior.

According to statistics from the Montreal Bagel Festival, which takes place annually in the city, over 1.2 million Montreal bagels are consumed during the event. This impressive number speaks to the popularity of bagels in Montreal and the love locals and visitors have for this iconic food item.

Experts in the field of culinary tourism believe that Montreal bagels have become a cultural symbol that represents the city’s unique blend of European and North American influences. The bagels have gained international recognition and are now considered a must-try delicacy for anyone visiting Montreal.

As for the availability of bagels at the Montreal airport, the presence of St-Viateur Bagel and Fairmount Bagel further reinforces the city’s commitment to showcasing its culinary offerings to travelers. By providing these establishments, the airport not only caters to the local population but also enhances the overall visitor experience. Travelers can now have a taste of Montreal’s famous bagels even before they step foot in the city.

Other Culinary Delights at Montreal Airport

While bagels are undoubtedly a highlight, the Montreal airport offers a range of other culinary delights for travelers to enjoy. Here are a few options worth exploring:

Smoked Meat Sandwiches

No trip to Montreal is complete without indulging in a smoked meat sandwich. Several restaurants in the airport serve up this iconic Montreal dish, allowing visitors to savor the flavors of the city even during layovers.


A true Canadian classic, poutine is a dish that consists of french fries smothered in cheese curds and topped with gravy. Many eateries in the airport serve up this comforting and delicious treat.

Maple Syrup Treats

No Canadian culinary experience is complete without maple syrup, and the Montreal airport has plenty of options for those looking to satisfy their sweet tooth. From maple candy to maple syrup-infused pastries, you’re sure to find something to satisfy your cravings.

Artisanal Chocolates

For those in search of a decadent treat, the Montreal airport offers a range of artisanal chocolates. From rich truffles to delicate bonbons, these chocolates make for a perfect gift or personal indulgence.

Exploring the Montreal Food Scene

Beyond the airport, Montreal is a haven for foodies. The city boasts a vibrant and diverse food scene, with a wide range of culinary experiences to suit every palate. Here are a few highlights:

Food Markets

Visiting the local food markets in Montreal is a feast for the senses. The Jean-Talon Market and the Atwater Market are two popular destinations where you can find everything from fresh produce to local cheeses and meats.

Old Montreal Restaurants

Old Montreal is home to a plethora of charming restaurants that not only offer delicious food but also provide a unique dining experience. From fine dining establishments to cozy bistros, there is something for everyone in this historic neighborhood.

International Cuisine

The diversity of Montreal is reflected in its culinary offerings. From Indian curries to Lebanese mezze, the city has a vibrant international food scene that allows you to explore flavors from around the world.

Craft Beer and Breweries

Montreal is known for its flourishing craft beer scene. Numerous breweries and brewpubs can be found throughout the city, offering a wide selection of unique and innovative brews.

Capturing the Essence of Montreal

Through its culinary offerings, the Montreal airport provides a taste of the city’s vibrant food scene and cultural heritage. The availability of Montreal bagels, along with other iconic dishes, allows visitors to begin their culinary adventure even before setting foot in the city. Whether you’re a bagel aficionado or a curious food lover, indulging in these local delights is a must.

So next time you find yourself at the Montreal airport, make sure to grab a hot, freshly baked bagel from St-Viateur Bagel or Fairmount Bagel. Immerse yourself in the unique flavors and traditions that Montreal has to offer, and let your taste buds guide you in exploring the city’s rich culinary landscape.

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